Emma B

Emma B

Email: cascadelilies@protonmail.com

You’re busy, and the pace of daily life just keeps getting faster and more stressful–I know those feelings! But the sun is shining, and life is good, so treat yourself: duck out to go to the swimming hole, pick up a milkshake, and meet me for a special retreat to keep your muscles supple and relaxed, your energy stimulated and flowing, and your mind fresh and alert to life’s deliciousness.

(If you want to bring your favourite book or a pint of gooey chocolate brownie ice cream, that won’t slow down our good time)

I want to treasure you the way you deserve, with so your tension evaporates, while all the worries in your mind fall away with breathless laughter and enjoyment.

I specialize in healing touch, and I’m appreciative of companions who want something more.

email cascadelilies@protonmail.com with your references or a photo of your id.


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