Phone: (971)266-0418
Email: emmeelle4475@gmail.com
Website: emmelle.gfeincall.com

Currently, I AM offering the Expanded Repertoire special again!!!! This is a frequently requested but rarely offered spesh, so don’t miss out!
(The Expanded Rep is for those out there looking to hit a home run & score rather than stay on third base; it’s a more complete (full) type of experience, for those who aren’t satisfied until they’ve gone all the way

(For more deets/donation requests/etc, please refer to the FAQ on my personal site (which also has all sorts of other nifty things too!); just scroll down in this post for the URL 🙂 Thanks so much!
*Remember that any partaker of the ER spesh is theretofore perma-grandfathered in & can enjoy the perkages of the experience at any subsequent visit!
**And, of course, the ER special’s availability in no way supplants options in the ST/bodywork &/or fetish/kinktastic categories! As always, I’m all about tailoring energy & time spent together to maximize YOUR enjoyment….so don’t be shy – share what’s on your mind! XD

Here we go, getting to the important prelim info! (seriously, keep reading – it’ll be worth your while, I promise!

Who I am: I’m a voluptuous, kinky, cuddly, empathic, highly sexed, intelligent, orally fixated, overeducated, poly, bi/queer switchy natural blonde with a killer rack; who loves sensual bodywork & body2body with mutual & reciprocal touch, bodyglides, & personalized intimate connections! Vanilla is a sweet flavor of sensuality to share with the right companion!

I additionally enjoy many varieties of fantasy, fetish, & kink play (I’ve got a number of kinks myself! Yes, you can ask what they are if you like, and I’d love to hear about yours!), and since I’m a switch (also recently described by a happily fulfilled visitor as being “kinky as f—” , I can fill the role of Domme or Sub as desired – the focus is on creating a space where you feel safe & comfortable sharing yourself sensually!

I have a variety of outfits & accessories of many kinds to enhance entertainment during our time together. Other options include cuddling sessions, social events of all sorts (I’m well-educated and more than capable of holding my own in formal and casual conversations alike ), cam and phone sessions, overnights, duos, and more! Just contact me privately for more deets or if you have something in mind not mentioned here (in this post or in my board profile) or in my(WIP) personal site (scroll down for URL)!

Location: My studio space is located within a handicapped-accessible, professional, secure building in inner SE, more legit than a hotel or private residence while still providing a comfortable, sensual atmosphere! Massage table or futon mattress available, plus optional post-session hot or cool towel service will leave you feeling refreshed & pampered! I am (very occasionally) able to come to you, but I do very much prefer to be the hostess!

For Whom/When/Requirements: Individuals & couples of all permutations! Daily 9 AM – 11 …..PLUS even MORE flexibility in availability is possible (on a case-by-case basis, natch ) with advance notice!)……

*I DO require you provide at least one provider reference (the more refs, the better your chance of rapid screening!); preferably within the last 6 months. Acknowledged reviews are great but don’t provide automatic screening clearance, (just fyi ) Thanks!
**Sorry, but I am not, as a rule, newbie friendly! If you are a newbie, your best bet is to contact me after obtaining at least one reference! Thanks!!!**

Contact Options: Email (emmeelle4475@gmail.com) (preferable for detailed/specialized interests), or via phone SMS/text messaging extremely preferred!!! (971-266-0418). Day-of-meeting confirmation messages & SN/LM requests should always be via SMS. Blocked numbers are *never* answered! Thanks!

Reviews,Nos/Hard Limits, Donation Requests/Specials:……..Can be accessed elsewhere in this post; they’re also currently a WIP on my own NEW site (scroll down for URL); check FAQ & “Reviews” sections, natch); I *always* have a review special available as well as a year-round special for current & former members of the armed forces! PLUS don’t miss the Expanded Repertoire special – don’t miss this rare opportunity, available for a limited time only!

Start your week off right – whether you seek the Expanded Repertoire (get cracking, it won’t be available long!), kink/fetish/fantasy, or classic body2body ST (or some combo thereof – I’m flexible ) …..you’ll depart with a spring in your step…..a twinkle in your eye………& many more good things better described face-to-face (or even better, demonstrated! XD). See you soon….xoxo

Disclaimer/Legal Notice: Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state licensure (OMB)
I do NOT provide massage, nor any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind. If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.
NO sexual activities are implied or condoned by myself or the creator of this site. Flirtations with sexual innuendos are made solely for entertainment purposes. Any donation or gift given is solely that, given in appreciation of the receiver. Anything transpiring beyond that is a choice made between two consenting adults; nothing of a solicitous nature is contracted for.
“Reviews” are works of fantasy fiction & their content is the responsibility solely of their creators. Links or sharing of these works is in appreciation of & for enjoyment of the individuals’ writing abilities & the format/style used. All exchanges are donation requests and strictly time-based; no assumption should be made of any activity, sexual or otherwise. By contacting me via phone, email, or any other method, you agree to this contract and these terms and hereby acknowledge that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or for arrest.


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