Luca Rose

Luca Rose


   As a hopeless romantic, an honest connection and an authentic expression are important aspects of what I do. Educated and adventurous, I love making people smile. I’ve been to 4 of the 7 continents, sailed in the waters of 3, and plan to see the rest before I die. Also on the bucket list: acquire private pilot’s license, scuba dive off Guam, learn to surf, and sail the Aegean Sea.

Time with me is always rich and luxurious. Being extrememly sensual, the lighest of touches, scents, and glances are able to turn on all kinds of inner heat and firey desires. I love touch and the way feelings can be shared between two bodies. I find the lusciousness of human sexuality to be fascniating and one of life’s most blessed aspects. I have an equally strong appetite for exploring my own physical desires as well as playing around with the desires of my friends.

Exlore me and my beautiful, secure and attentively appointed incall, escape into luxurious bliss.

With anticipation,



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