Piper Pietersen

Piper Pietersen

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To me, great lives are defined by the stories a person assembles.  It’s not about the toys, the fame, the fortune the accomplishments (unless of course they enhance the story).  It’s about the stories you accumulate throughout your life; the people you meet along the way and the impressions they leave with you.

While I have been described as elegant, poised and can mingle amongst the elite, please don’t allow those descriptors to fool you. I’m apt to say ‘yes’ to events usual and unusual, not afraid to get dirty; I clean up well.  Can speak with those at the speak easy as well as those on the easy side of the street and the flexibility to drink her coffee black after the cream is gone.

I have an extremely busy schedule, I travel quit a bit on business, and opportunities to meet can be rare. So long as requests are made a couple days in advance I most likely can accomodate.

So, let’s make some memories others would be envious of. It starts with a ‘Hello’.

My best,

Piper Pietersen


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